The NewStart Academy is a roadmap designed with the small business entrepreneur in mind. Whether you have an existing business or dreams of starting a new one, the Academy includes sessions on legal entities, accounting, developing your niche, marketing, social media, insurance, loan options, and human resources. There is something for everyone at any phase of business.

I’m in Business… what?

NewStart Entrepreneurial Group (NSEG) is a private membership only FB group designed to provide ongoing training, tips, and tools to grow your business both online and offline. You will be exposed to other thought leaders who will share their secrets to success and receive information on various technological, social media, and business trends to grow your business.



Business plans/Strategic Planning

The business plan is the roadmap for your business and helps you stay focused on the mission, values, and vision of your organization. It is also a fluid document that will continue to evolve and change as the demands and expansion of your business occurs. I provide the strategic planning and guidance you need to develop your business plan and then ongoing coaching to manage the “shifts” that may occur and keep you ahead of the competition.

Church Strategy/leadership/growth

Without a vision, people perish. My goal is to assist in providing a strategic plan that fosters the well-being of the church body and creates a momentum of growth by focusing on leadership, and the culture of the organization. In a fast growing church with an intent on having an impact on it’s community —— strategy matters, a leadership pipeline is critical, and a digital footprint is essential.