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The difference between a dreamer and a doer is very simple.  A doer is someone who not only dreams but has mastered the art of EXECUTION

Along my journey I meet so many amazing people with wonderful ideas, stories to tell, new technology that could save the world or at minimum create less chaos.  I sit in boardrooms and in strategy meetings listening and in some cases watching the brilliancy of minds in motion.  I’m always astonished at how some of these ideas are hatched — I mean they are ingenious!  Surely this person owns a patent to resolve world hunger, or is a gazillionaire because there is no way they have this level of brilliance yet haven’t leveraged it.

But I get it, there’s a difference between dreaming, and mental exploration of great ideas and actually putting a plan in place and MAKING it happen.  There’s a difference in envisioning the end product and then backing away from that and saying ok now whats Step 1, Step 2, and so forth.  I realized early on that I have a unique gift — I can see the end product and it excites me, but I also enjoy the steps, the process, the solutions you discover to seemingly insurmountable problems.  I enjoy the WIN!  Is that being too competitive?  While my blood pumps on a level 10 when I meet a obstacle or need to chart a plan, or get to tap into my reservoir of strategy, I finally realized after coaching other entrepreneurs that I’m wired differently and while I’m pumping on a 10 — then are swimming in a murky abyss on a 2.

So let me help!  But before I give you Key Strategies to Execution, let’s be clear.  It won’t be easy.  If it was easy for you, you would already be doing it.  There are other things that have me staring like a deer on the side of the road so no — I’m not fearless in all things — we all have our areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Take the key strategies, understand they will be difficult, but be determined to do them.  Steadily through hard work and holding yourself accountable, you WILL see results.

Execution Strategies for the Entrepreneur:

  1. Establish clear priorities / goals. We are all familiar with the phrase “how do you eat an elephant?” The answer of course is one bite at a time. When viewed in totality, your dream and vision can be daunting. It’s necessary to break it down into small bites and determine the key steps you need to take to get you where you need to be. With that, make sure you are setting realistic goals. You will not overcome overnight. When you know your overarching goal or strategic direction, then take a moment and establish tactical initiatives that help you accomplish that goal. Tactical initiatives are your ACTION steps! Every Monday, DEFINE your action steps for the week. Set a clear and concise path of what you would like to accomplish every week and GET it DONE!

  2. Stop looking for linear progression. Entrepreneurship is about as abstract as it comes. Sure for some, it literally is a fairy tale story that happens overnight. But the reality is that start-up is hard and you will have your share of bumps, bruises, scares, challenges, and opportunities along the way. Go with the FLOW!! Don’t try to control the process, live in the process. Challenge your own expectations.

  3. Adjust your perspective. You cannot fall apart when you fail at a task or when someone says no. The word no simply means you just need to get to the next opportunity, it means you haven’t tapped into the right resource, that you haven’t connected to the right place….don’t allow NO to impede your progress, alter your dream, or paralyze your actions. Failure will occur on the road to execution.

  4. Find a mentor. There’s nothing better than someone to give you a swift kick of reality when you start drowning in the sea of details. Find a mentor that will help you pass the dry places, that will keep you on target with your goals, and that will not allow you to give up. Get a mentor that will help you WIN!

Execution is a disciplined process — that you have to be determined to go after every single day of the week. It’s September 1st — Ready, Set, GO!

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