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Get MONEY: Work from Anywhere

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Get Money — Get Money — I think that’s a song (LOL). Anyhoo – I LOVE my freedom! I love being able to play golf in the middle of the day, take a vacation whenever, or make money while sitting on the beach. Sounds good right!

So I’m not that chick that will tell you its easy and all you have to do is snap your fingers and you can quit your day job, build a brand overnight, and instantly be a youTube success.

Boo — it does NOT work that way. What I will say is that if you set some EPIC goals, do the prep work, set some amazing habits (your work ethic should be there), and be disciplined, then you can cut the time in half, experience huge wins, and make your dream a reality.

That’s the foundation….. Now here’s the process. You need 3 things.

1. A signature product, program, or service! How do you serve the world. and what problem do you solve. My first business was helping small companies with their Human Resource needs. Now it’s helping YOU Pivot to a Profit. What’s yours? Literally stop right now and write your vision statement and your mission. Here’s mine:

” I help entrepreneurs develop strategy to pivot and scale to create a sustainable business, build legacy, and experience financial freedom and personal success”

2. While you build your signature product or service, decide what will produce small WINS to finance your dream and create a continuum of income. For example, when I started my HR practice, an AFLAC agent asked if I would introduce him to my clients and he would give me a percent if they partnered. Of course, my human resource clients LOVED Aflac and that strategic alliance created an extra $5,000+ a month in my bank account while I was building my Human Resource Consulting practice. So ask yourself this……what is it that people are ALWAYS asking you to do for them? Jot those things down. It could be create a budget for them, walk their dogs, proof their resume, prep their meals — like what is it? Jot that down and take the next 5 days to create a plan and prepare to monetize it. One of my daughters has built a lucrative side hustle dog sitting. Like who knew! Stop limiting your earnings potential…..find the problems and be the solution.

3. Build systems and processes – create Automation. Ahmazing transformational leaders allow others around them to lead as well. Get your hands out of everything. Even if you work a regular job, learn to leverage the time and talent of others to free up your time to be GREAT in developing your signature product. If EVERYTHING requires your physical, emotional, and mental presence to operate then you are NOT a leader — you are a manager and have tied yourself up to not have the freedom you say you want. Allow others around you the space to grow and develop — yes they will make mistakes. It’s called life.

Finally, envision the future you desire and write out at least 3 affirmations to support that vision. Speak as if they have already happened. Post them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car dashboard – like everywhere. Up your belief and GET your MONEY!

Love ya’ll