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Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people. While some people sit and fantasize about the glamour of being their own boss and creating their own business, those in the thick of business ownership understand that even considering all its rewards, entrepreneurship is hugely complicated, never easy, and requires intestinal fortitude to survive and thrive.

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs typically didn’t impulsively quit their jobs to chase a get-rich-quick idea. However, I bet they are the ones with a set of perspectives and values that allow them to leap over tall buildings in a single bound — if not that, then run a successful business and accomplish their goals. Critical for success is not just to dream but to execute and to have a strategy and a plan.

Key perspectives for a successful entrepreneur.

1. A positive viewpoint.  We’ve all heard the phrase is the glass half full or half empty?  Your perspective is absolutely critical in determining your level of success as an entrepreneur.  Your perspective helps you view challenges as opportunities, setbacks as a setup, and roadblocks as a redirection to greater. You cannot go into the realm of entrepreneurship with a coffee shop mentality. Hard work is required but your posture, your perspective, and your purpose will make a HUGE difference.

2.   Perfection is for paper.  You will kill your vision, and your path forward if you insist on perfection existing in your everyday world.  More times than not, things will go wrong and your sense of perfection will be challenged.  A need for perfection will keep you stuck or stunt your progress. You cannot be that person to analyze, and continually overly analyze every detail or you will paralyze your ability to execute. Just do it! Take the leap, publish the book, do the webinar, start the business, book the travel, engage the process and do it. Don’t wait for perfection or you will wait forever on your success.

3.  Learn from mistakes.  You will mess up!  Come on — repeat after me, I will mess up.  Mistakes will happen – its a natural course of life in every area, environment, and aspect.  Establish this early on and put in place a process for dealing with mistakes.  Review them, learn from them, and then MOVE ON! I totally screwed up my first Valentine’s (major holiday) as an Edible Arrangements owner. It was painful, embarrassing and COSTLY! However, I learned a tremendous lesson, developed the processes for success and was the #1 store in the state the following years. Learn and GROW!

4. Its not magic – its WORK!  The super-rich, super great entrepreneurs that you know didn’t get their by waving a magical wand and suddenly appearing in the land of wealth and plenty.  Many were terminated from jobs, lost major contracts, lived on beans and Kool-Aid, and went through years of barely making it.  The best ideas, the best skills, require patience, resilience, perseverance, and tenacity.  What you work — will work for you! Be consistent and disciplined. Don’t ever quit.

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