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[SHINE Bright] – Walk that GLOW and Cancel ALL Self-Sabotaging Messages

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About a decade ago, I had a “close” friend tell me that they could no longer invite me out to dinner with their other friends because everyone seemed to gravitate more to me than her. First, like huh? Second, thank you for telling me how you really feel – LOL. Personally, I felt hurt, disappointed, and confused by the statement and her decision because I wasn’t doing anything to create that gravitation.

However, the next time I went out for dinner with friends I found myself unconsciously making adjustments, not commenting much on the conversation flow and looking for ways to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

This morning as I reflected back on that conversation and others that I heard as a child growing up in Alabama and I realized that some of those messages were creating self-sabotaging behaviours and preventing me from success. A few years ago I delved deep into childhood (and adult) messages and my own mindset and the process taught me how to get my GLOW on!

So now as I’m coaching other individuals I’m hearing the same theme. Your mindset—- what you receive and hold in– is the greatest tool at your disposal for the success you desire. When you create an atmosphere of abundance, acceptance, love, and belief – your ability to take the step out of the boat, and produce phenomenal things is increased 100-fold.

My question for you today? What messages and self-sabotaging beliefs are impeding your progress? Pause here, pull out your journal and reflect on the messages you heard as a kid and that still bounce around in your mind today. Do they inspire you to move forward or create a system of distrust, and unbelief so that you miss every window of opportunity presented to you? Join me this week as we delve deeper into discovering your mindset story and establishing one of abundance vs. scarcity.

Here’s a few of mine:

“Be seen and not heard” was one that I am very familiar with. Growing up as a woman in the South, we were told that the equivalent of “Lady” was basically silence, to never say a word, and to know my place.

Or what about “Keep your emotions under wrap”! What a great way to tell us it is ok to grow up bottling things on the inside and never finding a way to release pent-up emotion, frustrations, hurt and disappointmen. Nope – the message was never let “them” see you sweat baby. The result, however, is silent depression, low self-esteen, lack of clarity and understanding. All of which tend to manifest in the physical state of our bodies.

The next self-sabotage belief is “It’s not about the money”. Ummm who are you fooling? IT IS about the money but not because of the responses I heard all my life. It’s about the money because I can make stuff happen WITH the money. I can impact families, lives, communities, the world with an abundance of cashflow. Money is simply the exchange currency for services. #PERIODt! It’s paper that grows on trees and you can either attract or repel it by your thinking.The biggest myth that has been created is that people with money are greedy and are not spiritual and frankly, that’s just not the truth.

There are so many more we can uncover on this journey but I really want you to take a moment and discover yours. Why? You have to be prepared for the abundance that is coming your way. Your preparation, consistency, and discipline will produce a subsequent harvest. It’s coming your way.

Let’s get this mindset right so you can perfect your GLOW and create the shine you desire. And by the way, NEVER dumb yourself or your ability down —– EVER —– for anyone — EVER!

Love you madly,


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