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3 Steps to Dusting off your Hustle!

I must admit, I never thought my HUSTLE would go away.  I mean here I am a country girl from Alabama, moved to the big city, and things are going my way.  Contracts are happening, doors are opening, people know my name in the places that matter and I’m making it happen.

But, there’s only so long that you can operate on all 10’s all the time, producing results until you just get flat out TIRED!  Burn-out happens and before you know it you are crocheting blankets, playing golf more than sealing deals, and shunning anything that looks like networking.

We will deal with hustle burn-out in another blog.  The point is you’ve become very comfortable where you are.  Suddenly though life happens in some way or another.  A kid needs major financial support and help; or if you’re like me in the sandwich generation, you find yourself caring for your kids and your parents.  Whatever the case, something triggers within you the need to return to the hustle. 

Here are 3 steps to to dusting off your hustle that is a must to kickstart you to the next level.

  1. Know what you want to do

If you’re like me, I’ve invented and re-invented opportunity many times over.  I’ve learned to adapt and adjust to the growing needs of my clients over the years and as a result sometimes I refer to myself as the “jack of all trades – master of none”.  It’s not that I can’t do anything well.  It’s that I can do a few things very well.  So at this start of blowing the dust off, and starting the engine – its important to review and analyze the appropriate entry point to the race.

Stop for a second and make a list of the top 3 -5 things that you do exceptionally well.  Decide which one creates an easier entrance into the market and which one you can begin to see results.  Do your research and make sure its still relevant.

2, Without a plan it all goes to hay

I’m a deep believer in a plan.  I don’t always follow it, sometimes I ignore it, and many times I deviate from it — only to find myself looking at it later and wondering where did I go wrong.  Regardless…….

Develop your plan!  Pull out your old client lists, start thinking about how you will re-launch your business or brand or both.  Let them know you’re back.  Find out where they are in their processes. But don’t start anything without a roadmap, or a guide to help you get there.  Be clear on the end results you seek and WORK your plan.

3.  Catch up

If you’ve been out of the game for too long sometimes the rules change and you need to make sure you remember what you’re doing.  When I stepped away from the rat race, I quit handing out business cards.  I know….who does that?!?

But I was so exhausted with going to networking events, dinner with family, children recitals and the first thing everyone wanted was to know who are you and what do you do.  I handed out business cards like the token machine at Dave and Busters.  I was queen of follow-up and had binders full of cards for various needs so that later if I did need them, I had it on hand.  I was the most resourceful person around.  But then I stopped doing it.  I went cold turkey.  Now I’m so out of it I don’t know if people still carry business cards or do they exchange v-cards or tap their phones together like Dorothy yearning for Kansas and suddenly all digital contact is automatically transmitted.

My point is you need to catch up on your industry and the norms and standards.  Do a google crash course on all things related to your hustle.  Reacquaint yourself with the nuances and buzz words.  Blow out the cobwebs and dust off your hustle.  PLAN for it, PREPARE around it, and PERFORM like you just hit the jackpot.  Knowledge is your power.

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