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Imagine what it would be like to feel confident in every area of your life.

Imagine feeling liberated in every action you make

Imagine the audacity to actually believe you deserve everything that is about to happen for you

Imagine eliminating fears, barriers, and stumbling blocks that continually keep you stuck in the same place.

Imagine LIFE, Imagine LOVE, Imagine FREEDOM



What you believe is what you will manifest. Adjust your thoughts, and create the appropriate space to conquer your fears.


Inner trauma from rejection and deep-seated challenges with self-confidence follows you to the boardroom and the CEO desk.


What you are seeking will not be found in external validation or having the “right man” by your side. We must do the work.

Discover key Kingdom principles that will align you

with destiny for your life

Your journey begins with internal modifications to correct years of false messaging. You must readjust and be intentional about what moves you, shakes you, and enters the core of your being.

You will be affirmed and know who you are, what belongs to you, and why you can walk confidently toward the future you desire and deserve.

Grab a hot cup of tea, sit back, do some journaling, and prepare for your future

As I as going through my divorce, in my frustration I asked God the question, “Why Marriage?” In that moment I was given 6 areas that every individual should consider as a foundation for successful in marriage and success in LIFE! That was in 2002 and I have never forgotten those steps and what they mean to me. Let’s journey together.

The goal is to create a transformative space where you:

✨ clear the clutter and create room for your most fulfilled life

✨ practice the use of YOUR voice (self-talk)

✨ move to a space of acknowledgment and healing from inner trauma

✨ define and vocalize what you desire unashamedly

✨ protect your assets (mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial)

✨ walk in the freedom you deserve

This Intensive is funny, thought-provoking, probing, eclectic, and inspiring. I cannot wait for you to create your own experience and to hear the transformation that will occur as a result.


#singleCEO: Navigating the Wait is created for single women in all industries, positions, and titles. We are the CEO of our destiny, the CEO of our purpose, and the CEO of our dreams.

Hope deferred has become promise fulfilled. Journey with me.

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Get a copy of the journal that started it all!

It includes tons of daily affirmations and a place to write your own as you journey with me on 45-days of internal cleansing, healing, and preparation for the greatest moments of your living.

In addition to the transformational journal, you will also receive a #singleCEO T-shirt, an adult coloring book, and registration to the #singleCEO Summit happening in February.